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14s at the Seattle Boat Show

The Seattle I-14 Fleet is going to have a flagship booth in the Seattle Boat Show's One Design Sailing Showcase! Our booth will be highlighting both the history and current state of the art in 14 sailing and will display both a beautiful vintage mahogany I-14 (Andrew M's boat from LA) and a current B5. Details are still in development at this time but include trapeze demonstrations and streaming video. J-24s, Etchells, Thistles and Lasers among others will also be involved in the one design showcase.

A big thanks to General Hey for setting this up. Apparently he has incriminating pictures of the organizers because they have given us pretty much everything we asked for... as much space as we need in a location with great visibility, free booth/canopies etc. etc...

To make this event a success the fleet needs your help. Of course this is not much like work and is really more like giving you free tickets to the Boat Show and the opportunity to BS about International 14s... We will need to ask everyone to sign up for at least two shifts, starting with the high priority shifts.

We have 21 members, several alumni and 20 shifts, so we should have a good shot at full coverage. Please contact Jeff Oaklief to sign up for a timeslot.

The address and hours for the event are:

Qwest Field Event Center, 800 Occidental Avenue South, Seattle

WEEKDAYS: Noon - 8 pm
SATURDAYS: 10-8 pm
SUNDAY: 10-6 pm

Note that the show consists of 7 weekdays and 3 weekend days. Details of the show can be found at http://www.seattleboatshow.com/ 

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